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L'Dor V'Dor Capital Campaign


Our Capital Campaign is more than just raising money for the specific, short-term need of replacing our HVAC system.  It is centrally about continuing our vision of L’dor V'dor - from generation to generation.  What is a building if it is not maintained?  This is our building’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah year; we need to ensure that our synagogue stands for many more years filled with B’nai Mitzvot, religious celebrations, and social events. We must take this opportunity to look towards the future, to make the building greener, and to ensure that our community has a space to gather for another 100 years.  That is why we set an ultimate goal for the Capital Campaign of $200,000.


We encourage you to consider what you can afford to give now and what you can give over a two-to-three-year campaign period.

Please use the attached form to indicate how much you can donate initially, along with how much you can pledge over two to three years. 


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