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Becoming a member of Congregation Beth El allows you to join one of the oldest Jewish communities in the Central Susquehanna Valley while at the same time ensuring that the congregation will continue to exist for generations to come. In addition, being a member in good standing gives you the privilege of:

  • Ability to register your children in our Sunday School

  • Access to all synagogue educational programs

  • Automatic invitations to all synagogue events

  • Enrollment on our Congregation email list

  • Voting rights, per our Bylaws

  • Tracking and commemoration of yahrtzeit dates

  • Rabbinic services including:

    • Spiritual counseling

    • Pastoral visits

  • Use of the social hall for kiddush luncheons or onegs associated with Shabbat or a holiday.

Congregation Beth El prides itself on being a supportive, welcoming environment for Jewish individuals and families and for others exploring the Jewish faith.  We welcome new members into our community.


Please fill out our membership application (downloadable PDF file) if you are interested in becoming a member of Congregation Beth El.

Please see as well the Members and Non-Members Honoraria document for more information about costs to members and non-members for additional events and services.

Members and Non-Members Honoraria

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