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Good Yontif Bakery


Sweets for Celebrations from Global Jewish Ethnic Traditions


Orders due by September 18th

Pick up date: September 23rd, 2 PM to 5 PM, at

Lewisburg Farmer’s Market, Brookpark

(Everything freezes well; buy some for now, freeze some for later!)


  • Plain or Raisin: $18

  • Pull-apart Rolls (6): $15

  • Crown Jewel –big, fancy & filled with different dried fruits: $24


Round BABKA (with or without nuts) $18

  • Chocolate

  • Apple-Honey

  • Marzipan-Chocolate (almond)


Honey Cake (GF available): $18


As always, all proceeds benefit Congregation Beth El operations.

You can find the order form here.  Please email Rabbi Nina with your full order. 

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